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"Being on the road is an exciting adventure! Being on the road in space and time, heart and soul from the past, into the future. There is not a trod path, but a God knows the way that I take! The pictures of the exhibition, which are my inner world's silks, came into existence from this faith. Sun, light way, silk way..."

Since my youth, I drew it a lot in my spare time and in different subject interest groups. As the winner of more urban and national drawing competition, I seriously concerned about fine arts. During my highschool years I was the participant of a creating camp in Tokaj every summer, where the determining intellectuals of the 70s, such as authors, poets, musicians and artists worked together.
This milieu was a scene of free spirit that gave determining values and experiences for me. In this creating camp the teacher of high school students was Lantos Zolta a well-known artist, whio gave a considerable effect on my later outlook and world view. In 1982 I received my degree in drawing from the University of Nyíregyháza. Most of the time I made graphics and watercolor paintings.

After receiving my degree I moved to Győr and I started to work as an organizer in the cultural life of Győr. Since 1994 I’ve organized several festivals and major events of the city..

Beside my job it has been always relevant the creating and drawing-painting to me. I met with silk painting by surprise and I was impressed. I would have liked getting to know this technique better, so in 1992 I pursued silk painting studies in Kronsteiner Haus in Vienna art school. Since 1993 I’ve been in various exhibitions and galleries: Budapest, Pécs, Kőszeg, Győr, Szentendre, Gyula, Cegléd, Kaposvár, Brassó, Silkeborg, Arthus, Izmir. In 1995 I spent one month in Denmark where I attended an international artist-in residence program. In 1997 I had an exhibition on the Mediawave Festival, where my works had a big success, the in 1998 I kept my individual exhibition in the Zichy Palace of Győr. I made my debut in 2010 with a new independent exhibition in Museum of Fine Arts in Győr. In 2011 it was a great pleasure for me to represent an individual exhibition in the framework of the Spring Festival in Budapest. One of my latest major performance – as the only hungarian participant– was at the II. International Applied Arts Conference by World Art Games in Izmir.

Meanwhile my career started being completed. I started to ger more considerable tasks in the organization of the cultural life in Győr. Between 2001 and 2009 I was the director of the Festival Office in Győr. I worked really intense these years, for instance beside my full-time job, I took part effectively in the work of the Mediawave Festival and as staff member in the Valley of Arts Festival aswell.

Since 1999 I teach culture management for andragogy readers at the University of West Hungary in Győr. In 2004 ss acknowledgement of my work I was awarded with the title of College Associate Professor. I worked as Program Magager and Deputy Manager in the Festival Center of Győr. Since 2012 I lead the Career Office of the University of West Hungary in Győr. In the last two years,silk painting have come into foreground and I’ve made 40 silk paintings until now. It has been a big change for me since I haven’t painted in ten years effectively, yet in my mind. This theoretical thinking is typical to each artist man who create continuously, yet likewise who have to go along effects, technical experiments, communicational nets in a long ripening process, to let their individual world be created finally.